10 Best Christian Schools in Virginia 2023

best christian schools in virginia

Do you want to attend one of the best Christian schools in Virginia? Then you must be aware that choosing to enroll in a Christian high school is the best plan of action for someone who wants to succeed physically, mentally, and spiritually well-being.

The weekly services, Excellent Academic Results, and Students’ relationship with God are well known in Christian Schools in Virginia.

Many young people are drawn to it, particularly those interested in bible stories, corporate prayer, and genuine relationships with God. 

A Christian school can aid character development by integrating wisdom and knowledge into the curriculum.

As a result, to prosper, one must be intelligent, diligent, and willing to serve God.

To hone your intellect, strengthen your faith, and hone your talents, you must be willing to be mission-driven. 

This article will look at the best Christian schools in Virginia and other facts you need to know about Christan Schools.

Why Choose Christian Schools In Virginia?

Christian Schools in Virginia have a vibrant, diverse, and hospitable society that gives visiting students from other countries a chance to explore a different culture in a stunning setting.

Aside from that, they are committed to giving young people a supportive and safe environment where they may learn to make moral decisions for the rest of their lives.

Virginia offers families a wide variety of excellent options, so they may be sure to discover a private Christian school to help their children flourish.

Virginia is a fantastic entry point for top-tier Christian Schools.

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What are Christian Schools in Virginia Admission Requirements?

For admittance to Christian institutions in Virginia, students must meet specific academic and spiritual requirements. As a result, each candidate must provide the following:

  • A declaration of one’s conversion, as well as of one’s involvement in and service to the church.
  • Grades – For the applicant’s prior academic performance, three elements are taken into account: the applicant’s class rank, school size, overall GPA, and the progression of grades from freshman to senior year.
  • The applicants should typically have a GPA of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale and be in the top half of their class.

What Is The Cost Of Christian Schools in Virginia?

According to studies, a Christian school in Virginia charges an average tuition of $8,284.

What Are The Best Christian Schools in Virginia? 

Virginia is one of the larger US states, as was previously said, and as a result, there are numerous public and Christian schools.

However, the Christian schools in Virginia described below will assist children in altering their perspective on life and gaining a greater sense of responsibility.

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The following list of Christian schools: 

  1.  Dominion Christian School
  2. Faith Christian School
  3. Christchurch School
  4. Virginia Christian University
  5. Fairfax Christian School
  6. Chatham Hall
  7. Liberty university
  8. St. Catherine’s School
  9. St Stephen’s and St Agnes School
  10. Covenant Christian Academy

 1. Dominion Christian School

Address:10922 Vale Rd, Oakton, VA 22124, United States

As one of Virginia’s top private Christian schools, Dominion Christian School is a top choice.

Since its inception in 1996, this school has been dedicated to using the classical model to provide its pupils with a solid education.

The K–12 co-educational Dominion Christian School is non-denominational. Tuition fee  for Grades K-6  available is  $ 14,820.00, Tuition for Grades 7-12  is $ 17,570.00 and tuition fee  for International Students is  $ 19,570.00 (Upper School only)

Moreover, every graduate from this institution enrolls in college when they graduate.

In addition, the institution fosters an environment that enables every student to achieve even during their academic studies, which can be both tough and exhilarating.

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2. Faith Christian School

Address:3585 Buck Mountain Rd, Roanoke, VA 24018, United States

One of the best Christian Schools in Virginia is Faith Christian School. The student-teacher ratio is 9 to 1, and there are 238 pupils in PK through 12th grade.

For the top grades 9 through 12, the total yearly tuition cost is $14,160.

In addition, this institution instructs its pupils on the need to use logic and clarity while making decisions. In terms of self-expression, they also give children a great foundation.

One of the top Christian schools in Virginia is Faith Christian School, which makes sure its pupils interpret their circumstances in the light of the Bible with zeal and joyful submission to God.

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3. Christchurch School

Address:49 Seahorse Lane, Christchurch, VA 23031, United States

Christchurch is a private Christian School in Virginia. For grades 9 through 12, CCS is a private coed, Episcopal boarding and day school.

The Christchurch School meets each child where they are and equips them to achieve in a changing world while combining 100 years of tradition, community, and relationships.

Students at Christchurch School uncover talents, aptitudes, and abilities they never imagined they possessed.

You may expect to gain more than just a certificate or get into the correct institution from a Christchurch education.

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4. Virginia Christian University

Address:  14012 Sullyfield Cir F, Chantilly, VA 20151, United States

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This School is situated in Chantilly, Virginia. VACU is a private school for students preparing for gospel ministry.

Biblical Studies is the only major that VACU now offers in its undergraduate degree curriculum. 

The goal of the Biblical Studies Degree (B.BS.) is to prepare men and women to develop a Christlike mind to influence the world for the Lord Jesus Christ by providing them with a solid foundation in the Old and New Testaments, Christian doctrines and approaches to furthering their knowledge of the Bible and theology.

These students develop both spiritually and intellectually in a great learning environment.

This school is uniquely positioned to prepare students for success in elite colleges and universities and for roles as compassionate and talented leaders on a local and international level.

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5. Fairfax Christian School

Address: 22870 Pacific Blvd, Sterling, VA 20166, United States

Next on our list among the Christian Schools in Virginia is Fairfax Christian School.

Our school provides a good quality of education and a convenient learning environment for students to learn and develop.

They have excellent teachers that adhere to a tried-and-true curriculum that fosters creativity and critical thinking while enhancing the achievements and skills of each student. 

Kids can thrive, explore their talents, gain confidence, and succeed academically because of their small class sizes and individualized attention.

The average yearly tuition fee for Fairfax Christian School is $ 45,000.

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6. Chatham Hall

Address: 800 Chatham Hall Cir, Chatham, VA 24531, United States

Chatham Hall is one of the Christian Schools in Virginia that appears on our list.

Southern Virginia’s Chatham Hall is a boarding school for girls in grades 9 through 12. Their unique setting on 365 picturesque acres promotes close connections, careful thinking, and time away from everyday distractions.

 They have a stake in every one of the adventures that help students discover their unique abilities and potential.

The curriculum of the school offers students a stimulating and demanding learning environment.

Additionally, they teach students the value of assisting one another to develop so they can help themselves.

The average tuition fee for Chatham Hall is $25,725

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7. Liberty University

Address:1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, VA 24515, United States

Liberty University is a private evangelical university in Lynchburg, Virginia.

At Liberty University, students receive life preparation and preparation for a successful profession.

With more than 700 academic programs, cutting-edge technology, and talented staff, Liberty will prepare you for a competitive employment market. 

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At Liberty, you will learn, grow, and develop so that you may influence your culture as a champion for Christ.

With a Liberty University undergraduate degree, they also train you to lead in your industry. Here, you’ll obtain an education that combines fundamental Christian principles with the liberal arts tradition.

You will have a strong foundation provided by their undergraduate general education requirements, enabling you to specialize in your major. In addition, they also offer studies for master’s and doctoral degrees.

The average tuition fee for Liberty University is $23,800 annually.

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8. St. Catherine’s School

Address:  6001 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA 23226, United States

 Richmond, Virginia’s St. Catherine’s School, is a prestigious Episcopal institution for girls in grades 3 through 12.

It has more than a century of experience providing independent education. It welcomes girls from all faiths and backgrounds to its joyful community, where they will develop self-confidence and achieve achievement.

Every girl is encouraged to discover her spiritual, academic, and personal potential at the loving school of St. Catherine’s.

They also try to ensure that they foster a level of confidence that helps each girl blossom into a brave, knowledgeable, and confident woman.

It costs $$14,589 to attend one of Virginia’s top Christian institutions.

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9. St Stephen’s and St Agnes School

Address:1000 St Stephens Rd, Alexandria, VA 22304, United States

One of the top Christian schools in Virginia that views every student as a child of God is St Stephen’s and St Agnes School.

They teach both boys and girls from three to twelve years old. Children in grades 3 through 5 attend the Lower School, grades 6 through 8 attend the Middle School, and phases 9 through 12 attend the Upper School.

They establish high academic standards that impart these kids with fundamental skills through a demanding college-prep curriculum.

They also teach youngsters to seek clarification, consider alternative perspectives, and avoid accepting easy answers.

Sports and club activities are also included because they work to develop the child in all facets of life.

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10. Covenant Christian Academy

Address:4177 Bludau Dr, Warrenton, VA 20187, United States

Covenant Christian Academy is another top Christian School in Virginia. It (CCA) is a K-12 University-Model school located in the Vint Hill area of Warrenton, VA.

 This school strives for excellence in the academic, social, and spiritual growth of its 365 students.

This Christian school in Virginia strives to comprehend, involve, and educate students as effectively as possible.

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The solid academic and extracurricular programs, along with a safe environment for learning, are all provided at this school. 

 Visit school here

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What are the Pros and Cons of Christian Schools?

Here are the pros and cons of attending a Christian school:


  1. Students Get A Strong Sense Of Being Part Of Something.

It can be pleasant and reassuring to be around others with similar values. A sense of belonging and community that is challenging to obtain at larger, non-religious colleges is fostered by giving students a shared interest to discuss.

  1. A more intimate learning environment is beneficial for students.

Class sizes at Christian colleges are frequently smaller than those at public universities. As a result, students can anticipate having more chances to communicate with their peers and receive specialized, one-on-one attention from their lecturers.


  1. Students experience more regulations and stricter rules.

Many Christian colleges are renowned for having strict rules and regulations because institutions integrate religion throughout the campus. For instance, some colleges and universities offer separate dorms for male and female students, enforce dress regulations, have tight curfews, restrict alcohol, and specify visitation policies.

  1. Students are rarely exposed to opposing viewpoints.

Attending a faith-based school means that your beliefs are unlikely to be questioned, and there are few chances for you to interact or chat with people with divergent or opposing views.


How many Christian Schools Are in Virginia?

Virginia is one of the larger US states. Hence there are several public schools as well as Christian institutions there. In Virginia, there are roughly 144 private Christian schools with 27,239 pupils.

What distinguishes a Christian institution from a regular academic institution?

The integration of Christian values with conventional academic subjects is a benefit that Christian colleges and universities offer. Students can investigate how faith affects their career, education, and personal growth in a Christian college learning environment. 

Are Christian Schools in Virginia Accredited?

 Yes. Christian Schools in Virginia have the Association of Christian Schools International accreditation and are recognized by the Virginia Council for Private Education.  


Virginia is an excellent place to live and attend school because it is filled with people who have a strong faith in Christ and kids who are very enthusiastic about serving God.

Additionally, it’s an excellent place for learning and interacting with others.

We’re interested in hearing your thoughts on Christian Schools in Virginia. Do you plan to enroll soon?


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