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Find University Scholarships and Student Aid in the United States

Wondering how to get a college scholarship for your false studies in the United States? We provide an extensive list of scholarship opportunities for universities in the United States, including the best national and international scholarships, fellowships, college and university grants, free scholarships, federal funding, and other forms of student financial aid.

You can apply for university scholarships in the United States including funding for high school seniors, financial aid for college students, graduate school scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, and more, all available in our extensive scholarship database.

Find the right scholarship in the United States, for a wide variety of academic degrees, including business and management scholarships, engineering scholarships, law school or medical school scholarships, as well as sports, arts, or music scholarships to help pay for your studies abroad.

The USA is a prime destination for international students. There are many scholarships in the United States but only so few are fully funded. The good thing about scholarships in the US though is that they are offered by the US government, American-owned organizations and bodies, and American Universities. The scholarships cut across merit-based, region-based, gender-based, and even country-based. Local students also have several merit-based and sport-based scholarship opportunities in the US.

The Fulbright Program offers full scholarships for international students who seek to earn a Master’s, doctoral degree, or non-degree postgraduate education in the States. The grant caters to tuition fees, airfare, textbooks, health insurance, and a living stipend. The American Association of University Women awards full-time research/study fellowships in the US to non-US women who are graduates at the US bachelor’s degree level. The fellowship is worth $18000, $20000, and $30000 for Master’s, Ph.D., and postdoctoral students respectively. The MasterCard foundation also partners with several top US universities to award hundreds of disadvantaged African scholarships worth tens of millions of dollars. Several US universities (Oregon, Wesleyan, Clark, etc.) and Colleges (Berea, Columbia Dartmouth, Emory, etc.) also offer partially-funded scholarships to international students from all over the world.