How to Get Amtrak Student Discount

The college lifestyle is always so fun and exciting. It is a unique experience indeed that offers students an opportunity to have a taste of independence and growth.

As exciting and thrilling as it all sounds, it is quite pricey unless you are on a scholarship.

One of the things that really put a dent in the wallets of students is transportation. From time to time students embark on trips to just unwind after a hectic semester, sometimes it’s part of class activity to travel for one reason or another. This is where Amtrak comes in.

Amtrak is offering students between the ages of 17 and 24 the opportunity to save up to 15% on ticket purchases. The discount activates one day in advance before the trip.

Whatever your reason for travelling, whether academics, backpacking across the United States, or looking for a dose of social time on your way home, Amtrak gives students an opportunity to make the most of their trips.

The trains are equipped with advanced safety and hygiene protocols, spacious seating and with jaw-dropping 500+ destinations nationwide. It is time to give Dora the Explorer a run for her money!

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What is Amtrak, and What Purpose Does it Serve?

Amtrak—officially, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation—is the nation’s primary provider of intercity passenger rail service. Amtrak is structured as a private company, but virtually all its shares are held by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

Amtrak was created by Congress in 1970 to preserve a basic level of intercity passenger rail service while relieving private railroad companies of the obligation to provide money-losing passenger service.

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Although created as a for-profit corporation, Amtrak has never made a profit; in this, it resembles both the passenger rail experience of the private-sector companies that preceded it and of intercity passenger rail operators in many other countries.

During the 47 years from 1971 to 2017, federal assistance to Amtrak amounted to approximately $81 billion.

“For 50 years, Amtrak has connected America and transformed transportation by modernizing train travel and building for the future. Amtrak will continue to play an important role in the national transportation network for the next 50 years and beyond by operating a safe, environmentally efficient and fiscally responsible business by providing travellers with an experience that sets a new standard. Book travel, check train status, access your eTicket and more through the Amtrak app. Learn more at and connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.”

What Purpose Does Amtrak Student Discount Serve?

The Amtrak Student discount doesn’t only play the role of making travel easier, and more affordable to students, it also serves other purposes.

Amtrak can help students reunite with friends that don’t leave close to one another. Also, for international students, it is a very fun way means of travelling around the United States to see several historic places and gain a lot of exposure.

Even in these trying times of the pandemic, Amtrak ensures reliability, comfort and safety.

Every single Amtrak train is equipped with an air filtration system on board that ensures a proper cross-ventilation every 4-5 minutes.

There is a Federal law put in place to ensure all passengers and employees wear masks at all times while onboard trains and in stations, regardless of a passenger’s vaccination status, refusing to wear a mask is a violation of federal law; passengers may be subject to penalties under the law, denied boarding, removed from the train and banned from future travel in the event of non-compliance.

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These are all measures put in place to protect the safety of its passengers and employees.

With the current pandemic, health concerns are something that cannot be overlooked. One of the ways in which one feels safe to engage in the everyday normal activity is by taking the appropriate safety measures. Your mind should be at ease when travelling Amtrak.

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How Do I Avail Of the Amtrak Student Discount?

Amtrak student discount offers students a good 15% off the price of regular tickets that have been booked at least one day in advance.

You have to be a current student in either a university, college or some other higher-learning institution. Before getting on the train, you have to show the conductor your student I.D; be sure to show the original student I.D. and not a photocopy or an image.

The Amtrak student discount is not always applicable to Acela trains, or trains operated by Canada’s Via Rail.

A little heads-up: you have to book rides online via the website.

Do bear in mind the Amtrak student discount doesn’t work when you buy tickets on your mobile phones, and it does not work when you buy the tickets on the train. Remember, rides have to be booked before the travel date.

Also, booked rides cannot be cancelled, nor can you combine the 15% discount with any other discount.

Discount is not valid on Missouri river runner, Wolverine, Bluewater, Pere Marquette, Lincoln service, Illini, Saluki, Illinois Zephyr, Carl Sandburg, Pacific Surfiner, San Joaquins, Capitol Corridor, Keystone, Pennsylvania, and 7000-8999 thruway series.

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Amtrak Student Discount Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for 15% off the regular (full) adult rail fare.
  • This offer is valid for students between the ages of 17-24.
  • Valid student identification must be presented upon request.
  • For sale through December 30, 2022.
  • For travel through December 31, 2022.
  • Advance reservations have required a minimum of one (1) day prior to travel.
  • Seating is limited.
  • Seats may not be available on all trains on all days.
  • This offer is valid for Acela Business class or Coach seats only. Upgrades to Acela First class, non-Acela Business class, and sleeping cars are not permitted.
  • Fares are subject to availability.
  • This offer is valid for travel on all Amtrak services except Missouri river runner, Hiawatha service, Wolverine, Blue Water, Pere Marquette, Lincoln service, Illini, Saluki, Illinois Zephyr, Carl Sandburg, Pacific Surfliner, San Joaquins, Capitol Corridor, Keystone, Pennsylvanian, and 7000-8999 thruway series.
  • In addition to the discount restrictions, this offer is also subject to any restrictions, blackouts and refund rules that apply to the type of fare purchased.
  • Fares, routes and schedules are subject to change without notice.
  • Once travel has begun no changes to the itinerary are permitted. This offer is not combinable with any other discount offer.
  • Cancellation and other fees may apply.
  • Please refer to discount code V814 if booking via the Amtrak app.
  • Amtrak, Missouri River runner, Hiawatha service, Wolverine, Bluewater, Pere Marquette, Lincoln service, Illini, Saluki, Illinois Zephyr, Carl Sandburg, Keystone and Pennsylvanian are registered service marks of the national railroad passenger corporation.
  • Amtrak Surfliner and Pacific Surfliner are registered service marks of the national railroad passenger corporation and are used with permission.
  • Capitol corridor is a registered service mark of the capitol corridor joint powers authority
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It is absolutely wonderful that Amtrak provides such generous discounts to students throughout the years. Travelling is one of the best ways of gaining experience and proper exposure. Also, it provides a great way for students to unwind after a hectic semester. Be sure to avail yourself of the Amtrak student discount and maximize the benefits.

Amtrak Student Discount FAQs

Who is eligible to avail of the Amtrak student discount?

A current university, college or any other higher learning institution student between the age of 17 and 24.

Can I get a student discount when I buy tickets at a station?

No, you have to buy the tickets online, and book the ride at least a day before the trip in order to activate the discount.

Can I combine the Amtrak student discount with other deals?

No, you cannot combine the Amtrak student discount with other deals



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