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The Wake County Public School System is a public school district in Wake County, North Carolina (WCPSS). It had 194 schools and an average daily enrollment of 157,673 students as of the 2021-2022 school year. This makes it the largest public school district in North Carolina and the fourteenth largest in the country.

There are over 100 elementary schools, 32 high schools, 38 middle schools, and approximately 32 high schools for students who require special education.

Beginning July 10, students can use their new Outlook account to send and receive emails by logging into the WakeID Portal at and selecting the Outlook icon.

Lotus Notes accounts for students will no longer be able to send or receive new emails. They can still read or print messages from their Lotus Notes email until September 15 at

Don’t you understand that last sentence? Read further as we explain all that and every piece of information required for WCPSS student email usage.

What Is the Email Address of WCPSS? Why Do We Need Email Addresses?

WCPSS student email addresses are a communication between the school and students.

Students have access to email accounts through which they can communicate with their teachers.

Students in elementary school: Email accounts are created for elementary school students at the principal’s request.

Middle and high school students: Every student in the middle and high school receives an email account at the start of each academic year. Students will be given their account and login information by the staff member assigned to handle student email requests at school.

How Can I Get The Email Address Of The WCPSS?

WCPSS email accounts can be gotten by students at

It is also available via the Middle or High menus on the Longview School website,

Note: The WCPSS schools can restrict your student’s use of this email account.

Also, remember that students are not permitted to access WCPSS email using the locally installed Outlook email client on personal computers.

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Do students keep their email addresses after they graduate?

There is no information on this. However, from information gathered about student email at WCPSS, graduates can’t keep their emails. The email system is only for students because of the restrictions placed on email use on mobiles as an app.

What Is the Importance of Receiving WCPSS Email?

According to WCPSS Board, every piece of information is passed using email communications programs or services. All WCPSS students and staff must use WCPSS-provided email accounts for instructional needs.

Students use applications such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Using a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other email account that WCPSS does not provide would be against board policy.

What Can I Do With My WCPSS Student Email Login?

Every student has a WCPSS email account.

Wake County Public School System account is used to teach people about online safety, how to use technology for learning, and how to live in general.

Who is in charge of the school’s email system? How Does WCPSS Make Use of Email?

Office 365 Outlook is WCPSS’s email system for staff and students.

You can access your Outlook email through the WakeID Portal, the Outlook client program pre-installed on staff computers as part of Microsoft Office, or the Outlook mobile app.

Is WCPSS using Outlook or Gmail?

Office 365 Outlook is WCPSS’s email system for staff and students. It uses Outlook.

What Are The Emails of WCPSS Offices?


Call (919) 533-7200 or use the form to send us an email.


Contact the WCPSS Section 504 Intervention Coordinator at 919-694-0581.


River Bend School

Nicole Grabiec,

Librarian/Media Specialist,

Contact: 919-694-8690,

Apex High School

Email: [email protected]

Heather Munger

Department Chair and Librarian 

Guendolyn Yale





Email: [email protected]


Visit the Wake County Online Payment Site

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Students Affairs

Email address: [email protected] is the student affairs email address.

Contact at (919) 866-7918, ext. 24671.

Counselors Contact: email [email protected], and call (919) 881-4800, Ext. 24825.


For more information on WCPSS Scholarships, go to


If you have any questions about the application process, please get in touch with Wake County Public Schools at [email protected]

Phone the Human Resources department at 919-533-7200.

How Do I Login To My WCPSS Student Email?

To access the WakeID Portal, go to

Select Students.

Enter WakeID. (For instance, jrsmith8)

To proceed, click Log In.

Enter your WakeID password here.

NOTE: If you need help with your WakeID password, go to

Select Continue to log in.

Navigate to your WakeID Portal and select Outlook (Student).

NOTE: If this is your first time logging in, please follow these steps:

Selecting your preferred language

Select Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00) (US & Canada). If Outlook prompts you to select a time zone, select Eastern Time (UTC-05:00) (US & Canada).

WCPSS Student Email is now available.

Click the “Save” button.

What should I do if I am unable To access WCPSS Student Email?

If you use an Outlook app installed student-owned device, you won’t be able to access the WCPSS student email. Students may use a mobile application to access their Outlook email, but programs installed on student-owned devices are not supported.

Contact the WCPSS Help Desk by phone or email at (919) 664-5700 or [email protected]

How Can I Recover My WCPSS Student Email Password?

The faculty can help you change your password.

The teachers can help you. If not, school personnel can seek assistance from district support staff.

What should students do if they need help?

They can go to or

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What If My Parents Objects To You Using A WCPSS Email Address?

A parent can opt out of allowing their child to use technology by contacting the school.

Simple WCPSS Email Etiquette

Here are some things you should know about WCPSS student email;

Emails from sources other than WCPSS are identified to protect our users from potential phishing attacks and increase our data’s security.

WCPSS email will display two tags when you receive an email from someone outside of WCPSS.

When can you expect to see tags for external emails?

If the email is not from WCPSS (i.e., does not have a email address), you will see the tags.

You won’t see these tags if the email is from an internal sender (WCPSS), so you know it’s really from that person.

If you see one of the tags and it claims to be from someone at WCPSS, you should be skeptical of the email and the request.







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